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Colour Change Mug


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Colour Change Mug

Nothing guarantees your logo more attention than this high-quality black ceramic mug, because as soon as you fill it with a hot water, the printed design becomes visible. The surprising colour change and logo reveal will magically catch everyone’s eye. When it’s cold, the mug appears in elegant black. Your personalisation comes to light when it is filled with a hot drink. When the drink has cooled down or the mug has been emptied, your design disappears and the mug becomes dark again. To ensure your mug remains the main attraction for as long as possible, the colour change occurs each time it is filled, and doesn’t fade over time.

A handy bonus: You can tell how hot the drink is by the colour of the mug: the colder the drink, the darker the mug, while the lighter the mug, the warmer the drink- and all the while your logo remains visible!

This mug is not dishwasher-friendly and should only be washed by hand.

The colour change mug has a heat sensitive thermochrome coating which reveals a personalised design or image when filled with hot water.

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Weight 380 g
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